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Cora took a nice nap today so I had time to upload some more pictures from 2013.  She’s growing fast and learning new things like sitting up and rolling over.  Plus she has two new teeth and has been starting to eat baby food.  She likes cereal the best; fruits, not so much!  New pictures from 2014 will follow when I have some more free time.

Cora - 1 Month Old
Grandpa Koppy’s Birthday
Halloween 2013
Cora - 2 Months Old
Cora - 3 Months Old
Christmas 2013


Cora Visits the Great Grandparents


Yesterday was Cora’s one month birthday!  Pictures of our visits to the great grandparents over the past few weeks are now up on Flickr.


Cora Paige


Cora Paige Koppenhaver was born on August 30, 2013 at 3:36am.  She weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20.5″ long at birth.  Mother and daughter are doing well and Sara and I are both very proud of the new addition to our family!

Pictures on Flickr


Ultrasound Pictures of Baby Koppenhaver


Some pictures of the new baby at 20 weeks are on Flickr.  Exciting!


Where Am I?


I usually log onto this website every day as a handy aggregator for my favorite links, but I haven’t made a new post in months.  Almost an entire year, in fact.  Interesting things have been happening in my life despite the silence on this site.  Primary among these: Sara and I sold our condo and moved into a new house last June–our first real house together.  Built in 1992 it’s a multilevel with more than twice the space of the old place.  A city park with a pond is just a short walk away behind the house.

Since the move the amount of jobs/chores has multiplied exponentially.  Especially relevant to me is all the yardwork I had not been missing since I left for college: mowing grass, trimming bushes, raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc.  Plus we’ve been doing quite a bit of interior refreshing such as new paint, cabinet door handles and assorted hardware, new light fixtures, and new wall outlets and switches.  We’re making the place a bit better one weekend at a time.  It’s been a lot of work but I still like it more than the old condo, and I’m thankful for the small conveniences–every day this winter I have been able to park my car in the garage!

Pictures of the house on Flickr


It’s Alive!


About a week ago our 3-year-old Samsung LCD HDTV started acting strangely.  When powering it up sometimes the sound wouldn’t work.  Turning it off then on again seemed to fix the problem.  However, over several days the TV started having more difficulty starting up.  I could turn the TV on and after a certain amount of clicking relays and blinking lights it would finally start up.  Until last night that is, when it didn’t turn on at all.  We left the thing clicking and blinking while we ate dinner, without success.  I finally just unplugged it.

It’s common knowledge that it’s cheaper to buy a new television than have it repaired.  I was understandably a bit reluctant to spend money on a new TV (having just bought this one three years ago) so I searched for the clicking issue on Google.  One of the first links was this one.  Apparently it’s a common problem for Samsung LCD TVs of this vintage to have failing capacitors on the power supply board.  I watched a couple of YouTube videos on the topic and decided I would try to fix the thing myself.

The parts were inexpensive.  Four 1000 uF 35V capacitors were $1.59 each at Radio Shack, and I already had the soldering iron.  Disassembly of the TV was surprisingly simple, as was removing the power supply board.  Removing the bad caps and soldering in the good ones was the hardest part of the whole repair (and even that was still pretty straightforward).  After putting everything back together I turned the thing on and it fired right up!  It works as good as when it was new, for a total repair cost of under $7.  I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

Pictures on Flickr


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